Wall mounting poles and sets

Wall Mounting Sets
All sets include the finest components available in the industry. All sets come with a 5" gilt plastic eagle ornament, halyard rope or mounting straps, steel mounting bracket with hardware, complete instructions for easy assembly and an illustrated color brochure on flag etiquette. Sets are individually packaged in a box suitable for shipping and storage.

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The flag will easily attach with included strap holders.

For high wind conditions we recommend to attach the flag with our optional sold No Furl attachment so your flag will never wrap around the pole.Save by ordering as a combo.


Exposed height: 6’ feet
Diameter: 3/4” inches
Tubing Wall Thickness .058” inches
Number of sections: 3


Segmented Wall pole Kit :




NO - FURL Flag Mounting for flag poles

( Flag Detangler)


With this No Furling Device your flag will never wrap around the pole again.

It is ideal for vertical , horizantal or/ and esspecially for angled poles.

The no furl kit is expetionally easy to install and comes complete with everything needed including written instructions and detailed drawings.

No additional tools are required. Does not include pole.



Sizes available for:

3/4 inch , 1 inch , 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch Pole diameters
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