About Us

The Flag Division belong's to American Educational Publishers ,Inc.

And was founded in 1962 by Mary and James Ball. The Company started with the distribution of educational material such as tapes newspaper articles maps etc. Very soon the demand for flags grew tremendously and so the FLAGDIVISION was introduced. Since then we grew to one of the largest suppliers for schools, library's, military and government agencies for their flag. related needs.

Since 1974 we have supplied the public with our exceptional quality flags and accessories all of which exceed government standards for flags and poles.

Mission Statement

We are committed to being the most dependable source of high quality flags, banners, poles and related products.

This goal will be achieved by the following actions:

We will always operate with a customer- focused strategy that is responsive to your needs and provides you with a level of service that meets or exceeds your expectations.

We will produce work of such quality and value that it will be the standard of the industry and always meet or exceed the requirements you, our customer If we make mistakes, we will act quickly to correct them and learn from the experience.

We will provide our employees with a progressive place of work where their efforts and initiative will be rewarded.

We will treat customers and suppliers as partners, creating relationships that are mutually beneficial.

We will conduct business in a fair and honorable way in the spirit of the American free enterprise system. Craftsmanship and progress will always be our hallmarks.


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